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Jennifer Sample




With 30 years’ experience buying and selling homes in San Antonio, Jennifer knows this market well and is ready to share her knowledge and expertise to serve you – whether you’re buying your first home, downsizing and selling your family home, or investing.

About Me

Native Texan, Jennifer chose San Antonio to attend Trinity University, then moved to Alamo Heights area with her husband in 1984, and they began investing in real estate together. Passionate about helping people make their dreams a reality.
Gardening gives me relaxation & joy!

My Market Areas


ZIP Codes

78205, 78209, 78212


Alamo Heights, Government Hill, Mahncke Park, Monte Vista, Olmos Park, Southtown, Terrell Heights, Terrell Hills, Tobin Hill


Buyers and Sellers

What Clients Are Saying
I would highly recommend Jennifer Sample. She was candid, provided great feedback, and helped explain all the details for the purchase of our new home. In addition, she was extremely responsive to every one of my questions, no matter what time or how small. If you are looking to purchase or sell a home (especially in 78209), Jennifer would be a great choice.
Stephanie & Reid J. Satisfied Buyers

Jennifer Sample is undeniably one of and very likely the best realtor for buying and selling residential property in the 78209 / Alamo Heights ISD area. She knows how to coordinate the details to ensure success.

Jennifer was there every step of the way throughout the sale process. She is a hands-on realtor that actively assists, provides sound advice, spends time on-site at the property to ensure things are in order when needed, and returns phone calls / texts promptly.

Jennifer Sample and the New Heights Real Estate team are exceptional! Many thanks for their support and assistance with selling my home in the 78209 area in a timely manner at a very competitive price for the market conditions.

Amy & BIll G. - Satisfied Home Sellers

Jennifer was by far the best realtor I have ever worked with.

Patrick - Satisfied Home Seller

"Jennifer made this whole house buying experience very easy and enjoyable. While it was taking a few months to find exactly what I wanted, Jennifer kept me from getting discouraged. She got to know me and all my must haves and found me a cute home. I cannot wait to make it all mine.

Thank you Jennifer!"


Betty L. - Satisfied Home Buyer

Jennifer Sample went above and beyond to make the sale of our home as smooth and pleasant as possible. I
wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in search of a realtor!

Erin & Andres M. - Satisfied Home Sellers

Jennifer correctly anticipated our home's potential sales price and understood we would be patient in waiting
for the correct offer. She went above and beyond to make sure our house was properly prepared.

Mark & Peggy O. - Satisfied Home Sellers

"I cannot imagine going through this first-time home buying experience with anyone other than Jennifer Sample!

Her knowledge of the area and real estate market and ability to provide you with local services in every aspect of home repair and maintenance is quite immense, not to mention her kindness and patience and caring attitude in every step of the process was beyond wonderful.

I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a new home or wanting to sell their current home.

Thank you, Jennifer Sample, for all you do!!


Karen K. Satisfied Home Buyer

Jennifer Sample had the most expert local market knowledge of any agent we met with. In addition to this, she was incredibly responsive, while still always being thoughtful with her feedback.

Jennifer Sample’s handling of both our sale and purchase was exceptional - from navigating unusual circumstances on our purchase to guiding us through the selection of the best offer on our sale…Cannot wait to work with her again!!

Lauren B. - Satisfied Home Seller & Buyer

"Jennifer is a superb real estate agent. She exceeded my expectations by not only facilitating a smooth home purchase process, but she worked extensively on my behalf regarding the detailed actions associated with the purchase -- coordinating inspections and repairs, opening up the home multiple times to address issues/concerns, conducted comparative market analysis for both sales and rentals, and provided recommendations regarding financing/mortgage company representation. Jennifer promptly answered phone calls and texts, as well as took time to make personal face-to-face visits when requested. She also looked out for me when the severe winter storm / freeze hit the San Antonio area during my purchase process and addressed issues of concern with the house. She assisted with getting winter storm repairs completed by the seller to facilitate the purchase. As an added bonus, Jennifer also assisted with finding a renter for the recently purchased property.

As a buyer, I had an outstanding sales experience working with Jennifer. She is an experienced and dedicated real estate professional with a hands-on approach. She knows how to take appropriate action to facilitate an equitable and smooth real estate transaction. Her niche, in my opinion, is her notable experience and extensive knowledge of the local 78209/AHISD area and the issues regarding the older homes in this well established community."

Bill & Amy - Satisfied Home Buyers

As a first time home buyer, I wasn't sure what to expect but I had an idea that the process of purchasing a home was not going to be easy. Thankfully, Jennifer Sample was able to assist and give me piece of mind. Her knowledge and attention to detail made everything go smoothly. She was always available for any questions I had and was very attentive and alert when it came to back and forth communication with the builder. She explained everything thoroughly and I would definitely recommend her to family and friends. Jennifer Sample is amazing!

Brice B. - Satisfied Home Buyer

Jennifer was very professional when it came to selling our home. She presented a well thought out plan initially and executed it well. Jennifer was easily accessible to discuss updates despite us living outside the country. We were very happy with our experience and would definitely ask her to represent us again if buying a home in the San Antonio area.

J. & K. Frjelich - Satisfied Home Sellers

Jennifer is a knowledgeable local expert who was extremely supportive and understanding of our needs. She provided excellent guidance and implemented good strategy while closing this deal for us. Strong and honest communicator, with exceptional record and knowledge of local market. I would strongly recommend Jennifer as your real estate expert both on sellers and buyer's side.

Elena - Satisfied Seller/Investor

Jennifer helped us find our rental home last year and was extremely helpful throughout the process making it a no brainer to choose to work with her again. As first time homebuyers, Jennifer was very thorough and helpful as we navigated every step of the process. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for a seamless home buying experience.

Kyle & Caroline W. Satisfied Home Buyers

"It was great working with Jennifer. She helped me buy a home as I was stationed in Germany. It was a new experience for me and Jennifer made it a positive experience. She was very responsive to all my questions and needs. I highly recommend her services."

Michelle R. - Satisfied Home Buyer

Jennifer was awesome! She was able to assist every step of the way! I would recommend her for someone
trying to find the perfect home! She goes to bat for you and hits a home run!

Isiah & Paula C.- Satisfied Home Buyers

"It was very clear from the outset that knowledge of our Alamo Heights neighborhood would be critically important. Our agent would need to be completely invested in marketing our home. Jennifer lived across the street from us and I knew she would be very hands on to do everything needed to present the home in the very best light.

A vital skill in a realtor is to be an excellent communicator. Jennifer has an exceptional gift of staying in touch with her clients in a timely manner. She sent me reminders and detailed information on all the aspects pertaining to the sale of our home; I was very grateful to know I wouldn't be in the dark.

Jennifer Sample and the team at New Heights are remarkably good at facilitating their clients' sale. They have extremely good vendors that are available to assist when the unexpected shows up during the sale of a long time family home. She was able to coordinate with vendors to do the needed work and I did not feel at a loss to find contractors. A lifesaver!

Jennifer was very available to us. Her ability to juggle all the balls during a complicated sale was very impressive. My confidence in her mastery was and is unwavering! She was committed to making the sale of our home of 24 years as smooth as possible.

Selling a longtime family home is an emotional experience. Jennifer's sensitivity to our sale was a major plus for me. I was clear to me that her kindness and understanding during this time came from the heart. She has a friend in me."

Belinda G. - Satisfied Home Seller

"She was well recommended by my family, she is realy enthusiastic, with a great knowledge of the Real State market in San Antonio TX.

Her input at closing time, was great.
Jennifer Sample treated the purchase of our home like she was purchasing for her, that aptitude helped us to get a discount on the new home."

Jose & Maria M. Satisfied Home Buyers

"Jennifer was great to work with. She made our home sale a breeze. If you’re looking for a professional, knowledgeable, hard-working realtor in the Alamo Heights area then Jennifer should be your go-to!"

Alexander & Enjonli H. - Satisfied Home Sellers

Jennifer was amazing and very helpful. We looked at several homes and found the perfect house for us. She helped bring this reality to life for us. She helped each step of the way and made it easy!

Jennifer is very knowledgeable and helpful in each step of home buying. 

Megan & Clement B. - Satisfied Alamo Heights Buyer

"Jennifer helped both to rent out our home prior to us selling as well as market it for sale. She knew the Alamo Heights area well and it showed. Understood our drive to sell, easy to communicate with. Overall good experience! Would recommend Jennifer Sample to anyone looking in the Alamo Heights area!"

Laura & Ryan - Satisfied Alamo Heights Sellers