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"It was very clear from the outset that knowledge of our Alamo Heights neighborhood would be critically important. Our agent would need to be completely invested in marketing our home. Jennifer lived across the street from us and I knew she would be very hands on to do everything needed to present the home in the very best light.

A vital skill in a realtor is to be an excellent communicator. Jennifer has an exceptional gift of staying in touch with her clients in a timely manner. She sent me reminders and detailed information on all the aspects pertaining to the sale of our home; I was very grateful to know I wouldn't be in the dark.

Jennifer Sample and the team at New Heights are remarkably good at facilitating their clients' sale. They have extremely good vendors that are available to assist when the unexpected shows up during the sale of a long time family home. She was able to coordinate with vendors to do the needed work and I did not feel at a loss to find contractors. A lifesaver!

Jennifer was very available to us. Her ability to juggle all the balls during a complicated sale was very impressive. My confidence in her mastery was and is unwavering! She was committed to making the sale of our home of 24 years as smooth as possible.

Selling a longtime family home is an emotional experience. Jennifer's sensitivity to our sale was a major plus for me. I was clear to me that her kindness and understanding during this time came from the heart. She has a friend in me."

Belinda G. - Satisfied Seller

"Jennifer helped both to rent out our home prior to us selling as well as market it for sale. She knew the Alamo Heights area well and it showed. Understood our drive to sell, easy to communicate with. Overall good experience! Would recommend Jennifer Sample to anyone looking in the Alamo Heights area!"

Laura & Ryan - Satisfied Alamo Heights Sellers